"We don't hire people because they know how to use the software, we can teach them that ourselves. We hire people who can create interesting characters and tell fascinating stories."

Edwin Catmull, Pixar Studios.

Character Design Handbook Syllabus What's Up This Week!
3D Max Interface Diagram 3D Max Basic Skills Sculptris Basic Skills
Four Basic Animation Techniques Your Reel 8 Basic 3D Max Modeling Skills
Project 1 - Hi Poly Organic Modeling- The Human Skull - Sculptris Project 1 - Hi Poly Organic Modeling - Sculptris - The Human Skull
Project 2 - Low Poly Modeling - Character - 3D Max Project 2 - Low Poly Modeling - Character - 3D Max
Project 3 - Character-Comic and Realistic Project 3 - Assembling Primitives and Extended Primitives.
Project 4 - Modeling a Mecha Project 4 - Modeling a Mecha
Project 5 - Droids and Track Driven Characters Project 5 - Warrior Shield
Project 6 - Cartoon Hair Project 6 - Design and Model a Magic Sword
Project 7 - Hair Fur Modifier Project 7 - Motion Design - Text and more!
Project 8 Project 8 - Droids and Track Driven Characters
  Project 9 - Particle Systems - Water, Lava, Sparks, etc.
Assembling the Character Model
Action Sequence FLow Chart
Assigning Material ID's to Your Models
High Poly Organic Modeling - Sculptris -
Basic 3D Modeling Techniques II - Compound Geometry - Booleans and Scattering
Basic 3D Modeling Techniques III - Modifiers and 3D Geometry
Basic 3D Modeling Techniques IV - 2D Shapes
Mixamo - How to Adjust a Mixamo Rig - Weighting Vertices - https://youtu.be/e_u2q_e3wt4
Basic 3D Modeling Techniques V - Box Modeling
Materials (Mental Ray)
Materials (Bump Mapping Filagree)
Parting Lines and Patterns - Using Adobe Illustrator
Core Skills, Concepts and Vocabulary
Character Design Handbook
Sculptris Human Skull Modeling Sequence
Character Design Sheet
Script for Fracturing with Mass FX
www. 3D Hubs - This site hooks you up with the 3D printers around the world.
Character Modeling Videos Object Modeling Videos
Sample Reels (Various 3D Artists) Motionography Videos