Character Design Handbook Syllabus What's Up This Week!
3D Max Interface Diagram 3D Max Basic Skills Sculptris Basic Skills
  Presenting Your Work  
Project 1 - The Human Skull - Sculptris Project 1 - Hi Poly Organic Modeling - Sculptris - The Human Skull
Project 2 - Low Poly Modeling - Character - 3D Max Project 2 - Low Poly Modeling - Character - 3D Max
Project 3 -Character-Comic and Realistic Project 3 - Assembling Primitives and Extended Primitives.
Project 4 - Modeling a Mecha Project 4 - Design and Model a Magic Sword
Project 5 - Droids and Track Driven Characters Project 5 - Warrior Shield
Project 6 - Cartoon Hair Project 6 - Modeling a Mecha
Project 7 - Hair Fur Modifier Project 7 - Motion Design - Text and more!
  Project 8 - Droids and Track Driven Characters
  Project 9 - Particle Systems - Water, Lava, Sparks, etc.

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High Poly Organic Modeling - Sculptris -
Basic 3D Modeling Techniques II - Compound Geometry - Booleans and Scattering
Basic 3D Modeling Techniques III - Modifiers and 3D Geometry
Basic 3D Modeling Techniques IV - 2D Shapes
Basic 3D Modeling Techniques V - Box Modeling
Materials (Mental Ray)
Materials (Bump Mapping Filagree)
Parting Lines and Patterns - Using Adobe Illustrator
Four Basic Animation Techniques
Character Design Handbook
Sculptris Human Skull Modeling Sequence
Character Design Sheet
Script for Fracturing with Mass FX
www. 3D Hubs - This site hooks you up with the 3D printers around the world.
Character Modeling Videos Object Modeling Videos
Sample Reels (Various 3D Artists) Motionography Videos