Creating a "Project Folder" and "Saving Levels"

Importing "Starter Content" and "Collections" into your Project Folder

Building a Landscape/Terrain with Multiple Textures

Making and Opening a Door

Lights - How to Set Them to Turn On & Off

Paint Mode - Painting Meshes (Vertex Painting)

Lights - Flickering


Adding a FPS to Your Level

Adding BOTS

Migrating Assets From One Project to Another

Swimmable Water

Breaking Stuff - Destruction

Scaling Materials

Making Stuff Spin - Rotation

Simple Grouping Stuff

Lifting Objects - First Person


Switching Between Levels (Third Person)

Applying Materials - Textures: Base, Specular, Rough, & Normals

Using Mesh and Assets from Infinity and other Librarys

PROJECT I - Landscape with Interior
Check Off List
PROJECT II - Mad Max Assault Vehicle
Basic Modeling Instructions
Importing a Vehicle into an Unreal 4 Landscape
PROJECT III Platform Game with Custom Sprite Character
Basic PhotoShop Skills for Sprite Development

Books - Check the "I" on your class computer

Crushing Hyper Casual Games


In addition to the written tutorials, we have a selection of video tutorials. These are located on the "I" Drive on your computer. The "I" Drive can be found on the Windows menu panel.

NOTE: Sometimes the "I" does not appear. If this happens you must turn off your computer and reboot (it may take several times).

Once the "I" Drive is found , copy the video you want to your desktop for viewing.

The videos on the "I" drive require headphones. If you don't have headphones, just ask the teacher. We have some buds.