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PROJECT 1 - High Poly Organic Modeling - Sculptris - The Human Skull


Sculptris Human Skull Modeling Sequence - A short slide presentation illustrating the basic steps - YouTube Video - Human Skull
PROJECT 2 - High Poly Organic Modeling - Sculptris - Gargoyle Portrait - Canine-Like/Open Mouth
PROJECT 3 - Modeling Your Favorite Game Character - Sculptris
Choose your favorite game character and model using Sculptris.
Project 4 - Assembling Primitives - Design Three Original Robot Characters using 3DMax
This project uses the 3D modeling and animation package 3DMax.

The skills needed to complete this project are:

  • How to create "Primitives"
  • Selecting, moving, rotating, & sizing primitives
  • Modifiying primitives parameters
  • Using the "Mirror" tool

Consider the body parts: feet, lower and upper legs connected with knee joints, hips, chest, neck, arms, head, eyes and more.