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3D Max Interface Diagram 3D Max Basic Skills Sculptris Basic Skills Sculptris Module
Project 1 - Sculptris - High Poly Organic Modeling - Sculptris - The Human Skull
Project 2 - Sculptris - High Poly Organic Modeling - Sculptris - Gargoyles
All processes used for 3D Max projects are explained in the 3D Max Basic Skills Booklette. Use it!

Project 3 - 3D Max - Designing the Ultimate Cupcake

  • Extruding Splines
  • Lofting the Frosting
  • Adding the Sprinkles

Project 4 - 3D Max - Designing a EnergyDrink Beverage Can

  • Saving images from the web
  • Importing the image from PhotoShop into 3D Max
  • Using the Line tool
  • Lathing the can
  • Applying the material
  • Lighting, Camera
  • Rendering the image

Project 5 - Lathing more objects - Bowls, Vases, Bottles, etc.

  • Materials - Standard, Physical, & Raytraced



Project 6- Creating Alien Landcapes

  • Basic Box Modeling
  • Setting Omni Lights
  • Add Camera
  • Constrain Camera to Path
  • Adding 360 Sky Domes


Link to 360 Skyscape

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Project 7 - Beware..... Shark!

  • Advanced Box Modeling
  • Lighting effects
  • Animating with Space Warps



Project 8 - 3D Text

  • Placing text
  • Choosing fonts
  • Setting Volume lights
Sculptris Human Skull Modeling Sequence
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