The six classes below represent the core of SoCalROC's 3D Animation, Design and Video Game Design Career Pathway.
NOTE: All software used in class is available either free or free for a short period of time from the manufacturers
For The UnReal Game Engine (UDK):
For a copy of 3D Max:

Job Listings

Each day SoCalROC searches the internet looking for jobs for you: soon to be artists, animators, game designers and modelers. Many of these listings include internships. An internship is a great way to get into a company before you have all the skills usually needed to be hired full time.

Even if you are not presently looking for work, you should still examine these listings. They show you what sort of skills employers are looking for in an employee. Use this information to plan your education and career pathway.

And don't be discouraged if the skill requirements seem impossibly long. Most employers know that they will rarely find someone with all the skills listed. But remember, gather as many skills as possible because chance favors the well prepared.